5 Varieties of Bowling Techniques You Probably Aren’t Aware of [BASiCs]

Hey there,  today we are going to talk about the bowling game, get a brief on it and discuss the types of bowling which is played worldwide.


Starting from the game origin and history – bowling was played by the primitive men almost thousands of year back. Of course, in those days, there were no bowling clubs and weight and the shiny bowling surfaces to play the game. But our ancestors have played the game in their possible way.

Types of Bowling Explained!

Indeed there’s something attracting and all human about throwing a piece of weight towards a row of some stationary objects.

Currently, the American people play the 10-pin support game where the player has to bull-doze all the 10 standing objects in order to get a perfect score of 300. Still, the game has seen a lot of changes when we get to watch the regional games, but the core rules and purpose remain the same.

Following are the commonly played forms of bowling: 

10-Pin Bowling

This is the most common and widely accepted form of bowling. Here the ball used is the heavy one that weighs around 6-16 pounds and comes with three holes on it. If you wish to get the perfect feels of the bowling, then this is the best suitable choice among all.

9-Pin Bowling

The 9-pin game is way more different than the 10-pin version. Here the same set of 9 pins are dealt by 6 members of a team, and so there are no individual scores considered here. Also, the player takes off the game from where the previous member stopped. Each player gets a chance of 2 turns.

5-Pin Bowling

Things are a bit different at the Calgary won bowling in Canada where people play the bowling with a 5-pin design. Here the pins are arranged in a V-pattern, and the player has to hit the center pin to make a score. The ball is slightly a smaller one, and it fits easily inside your hand, and it’s devoid of the finger holes.

Candlepin Bowling

This particular form of bowling was founded by the Massachusetts people during the late 1800s. Here the pins are thin like the candles, and the balls are smaller in size about a 4.5 inches in diameter.

Duckpin Bowling

So, duckpins fall between the 10-pin and the candlepin design. If you are a fan of baseball, and someone who loves the 10-pin game rule but can’t play because of the weight of the ball – you should definitely try out this form of bowling.

Interesting Facts About Hockey Captain Meghan Duggan You Probably Didn’t Know | [USAnews]

Meghan Duggan is a Hockey Olympic Champion hailing from America. She played in the forward position for 2010 as well as 2014 Winter Olympics and grabbed two silver medals in both the games. In the recent 2018 Winter Olympics, she served as the captain of the Women’s Hockey Team and their team won a gold medal! She is a positive soul, and there are certainly fun facts about Meghan that most of you guys won’t know!

5 Interesting Facts About Meghan Duggan You Probably Didn’t Know

Did you know facts

Meghan was born on 3rd September in Massachusetts, USA. Everyone knows this 30-years old lady as the hockey forward player, who has made the team won 7 gold medals! But Meghan is just not all about the Hockey!

We have enlisted the top 5 interesting facts about Meghan that will make you love her even more!

#1 Meghan did the audition for ‘The Voice’, and then moved on!


She is currently the best singer among all her teammates, and even the team will agree on this point. Later in an interview, she shared about the audition she gave for ‘The Voice’ show.

Meghan added that she wanted to do it for herself, and so she did. She wanted to challenge herself by getting out of her comfort zone for once and try something different. Later, she left for the training camp without even receiving the audition result. There are chances that she may try for the audition again.

#2 She is crazy about Sneakers. If you are planning to buy one for her, go ahead.

sneakersSneaker-Love is an eternal love for Meghan. You will find a pile of shoes lying in her home. She says the obsession may be ridiculous but she just can’t stop collecting them.

#3 A Pre-Game Ritual that she never misses upon! Mirror-Time.

MirrorTalking to oneself may be a thing for someone, but Meghan involves a team-mate along with her. They stand in front of the mirror and have a self-talk one by one. This is then followed by a fist bump while moving out.

#4 Meghan has her own Vegetable Garden, and she is proud of it!


She is a proud owner of the vegetable garden at her place and calls it a salsa garden with all the tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro in them.

#5 ‘Friends’ is the most favorite show of hers, and she even sends ‘Friends’ memes to her family.


This took my heart away! She loves the Friends TV Series and admits that she sends their memes to her family members too.

These were the lesser known facts about the Ice-Hockey captain Meghan Duggan. Did you like reading the article? Show some love to our page.