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Are you planning to join Netball League, but not sure about the positions? You will know them by the end of this article.

Netball is a sport which is similar to the basketball, with 7 players in each team. Each player has to target the ball in the opposite team’s basket. Rules are pretty much the same as the basketball.

As a player, it is important that you know which position you belong to and also the purpose of each player’s individual position.

Know your Netball Positions Today

There are three categories in which the Netball positions are divided. They are:

  • Defending Position
  • Attacking Position, and
  • Shooting Position


Starting off from the Defending Position, we have three players playing in this position:

Goalkeeper – These are the players who keep the goal post protected, and defend the ball from getting inside it. They need to be physically strong, and well-built to tackle all the ball throws that come along their way.

Wing Defense – This player keeps the game in control and attacks the opposite team’s playing style.

Goal Defense – The GD is the player who works closely with the goalkeeper. This player should have good anticipation skills, and capable of blocking all the passes made by the opposite team player.

Secondly, we have the Attacking Position:

Centre – They are the main guiding player of the team, someone who keeps on manipulating the game with new moves and different gaming structure. Also, they are the ones who receive the maximum passes during the game.

Wing Attack – The player at the Wing Attack need to have a good rapport with the Centre player. He/She has to receive the ball or pass to the Centre player. These WA players need to have quick and attentive skills in order to lead the game for the team.

Thirdly we have the Shooting Position:

Goal Shooter – This player must have the skills to hit the ball from anywhere within the circle. It is important that the GS player be calm throughout the game, especially when the ball in their court.

Goal Attack – They are the ones who work to assist both the Centre and the Wing Attack for guiding a new score making way. All the passes made here should be quick, and in a way that they reach the Goal Shooter so that he/she could make a direct hit to the net.

So, these are the different Netball positions that are considered in most of the cases. Was the content helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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