Our mission

Hey everyone, this is Jamie here! I am a gym instructor by day and a homie person! I live in Chicago with my husband and son Allen, 6 years old.

As I already said I am a homie, and I really didn’t like hitting the gym and doing exercises. I started putting on a lot of weight until my health deteriorated. Allen was just 2 years at that time, and the reports came that I am overweight now. Knee started paining, and well I just didn’t like myself then.

But I didn’t give up there. I pulled up my socks and planned out a month’s schedule of training and my diet.

After a month of struggle and hard work, I lost around 22Pounds, and yes I was out of the overweight category. It was a great time, and I felt so happy with myself.

Coming to the present, things are going really good between me and exercise. That’s when I decided to get my experiences and share the tips with all you lovely people. Sports is one of the widely accepted modes of exercising, and I will be going to explore the same!

Lots of love,